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Bill Dumphy

Bill Dumphy


Bill Dumphy and his wife of more than 25 years, Tracey, have two daughters, Mackenzie and Andriana. The family has a love for the outdoors, horses, and labrador retrievers that will become evident when you visit their home. God’s story is written all over Bill and Tracey’s journey together - a journey filled with love, laughs, and yes - struggles. Every time you see the Dumphy family together, you see evidence of a God of mercy and sustaining grace.

Bill's favorite thing to do is to go on dates with his girls and spend time with them. Bill also loves to read, study theology, strategize, and (over)analyze. He spends so much time doing these things at Starbucks that it’s surprising they don’t charge rent. Tracey is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and loves working with kids with special needs. She is the eternal optimist and gets up at 5 am (for some reason) to take various classes at the gym. Planning vacations is one of her favorite past times and she does it well. Mackenzie is a student at Virginia Tech and avid book reader. She loves riding her horse Jace, snuggling her labrador Sebastian, and hanging with Bill at Starbucks. Andriana likes to do so many things, it’s hard to say she loves one thing in particular. She’s serious about singing and playing guitar, snuggling her labrador Olive, and convincing Bill to take her on dates anywhere that has good food.  She is part of the worship team at GracePointe and at her school. The family enjoys spending time together anywhere!

After getting married in 1993 and finishing graduate school in 1994, Bill and Tracey moved to Michigan where Bill quickly found favor in the engineering field, getting on a trajectory that would feed his pride, one conquest after another. Each move up the corporate ladder left Bill a little emptier - ­ the opposite of what he expected. In 2000, Bill moved the family to Virginia to pursue another career opportunity that he thought would satisfy his soul. What he did not realize was that this was the place where God would show him why no career move would or could satisfy his longings. That next year, God radically saved both Bill and Tracey from their path of pursuing the American dream apart from him. Bill’s passion for ministry, serving the local church, and helping people to know Jesus was birthed immediately out of his own redemptive story. His job would take him around the world and his love for Jesus would give him a passion to share the gospel with people of all nations during his travels. It was in 2005 that God gave Bill a glimpse into the world of church planting, when the family became part of a team that would later become Calvary Chapel Williamsburg. In 2007, the family moved to Melbourne, Florida so Bill could travel less and so they could become part of a large, multisite Calvary Chapel. Although the move ended up to be great for the family, it was accompanied at the front end with financial trials, family trials, and other challenges.  By God's providence, at Bill's darkest moment, he would meet Pastor Dave Folkerts. Dave helped Bill to get on a path that would allow him to fulfill the calling he sensed and to be formally trained for pastoral ministry. This would change the trajectory of the Dumphy family forever. Bill’s passion for church planting was further ignited when he was asked to be part of a team that would plant a new campus while he was completing his ministry training. Bill graduated in 2010 with a clear passion to plant churches, so he began to get involved with the Acts 29 Church Planting Network and CrossPointe Church in Orlando, Florida.

In 2011, Bill met a church planter named Jeremiah Fyffe at CrossPointe. The Dumphy family would become part of the pre-­launch team that would eventually plant CrossPointe Coast in Viera, Florida. It was during that time that God made it abundantly clear that He was not finished with their work in Williamsburg. Just prior to their launch in June of 2012, CrossPointe Coast sent the Dumphy family to Williamsburg to be part of an existing church plant that would not survive. Those couple of years would be filled with times of serious depression, ministry failures, and what felt like a big delay in what God had called Bill and his family to do - but surprise ­- God was faithful. While dealing with some of these challenges in 2012, Bill met another church planter named Miguel Davilla who was in the process of planting Hampton Roads Fellowship (HRF) down the road in Newport News. Miguel was instrumental in helping Bill to discern his next steps in Williamsburg and invited the family to be part of what God was doing at HRF. Since just prior to its launch in 2013, Bill and his family have been part of HRF, which has been a great place of rest, fellowship, and training, as they discern the next steps for Williamsburg. The Dumphys led an HRF Fellowship Group in their home that was a place for church members in the Williamsburg area to study the bible and enjoy time together. CrossPointe Coast, HRF, and others will partner with the Dumphy family as they plant the gospel and GracePointe Church in Williamsburg.

Bill has a B.S. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University. He also studied at Calvary Chapel Bible College and graduated from the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in Melbourne, Florida in 2010.