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Our Mission

We exist to reflect God’s glory, point our community to His grace, and make disciples of Jesus.

Above all else, God is about his own glory. Therefore, it goes without saying that man’s chief purpose should be to glorify God. As God’s image bearers, it seems more accurate to say that our purpose is to reflect God’s glory, sort of like the moon reflects the light of the sun.

When we accurately reflect God’s glory and display His character, we point people to His grace. We point them to Jesus.

We also point them to a redeemed people - the church. The church is to be a place where disciples are formed - disciples that bear a strong resemblance to the one they follow.

It is our hope that GracePointe Church will be an authentic group of people that accurately reflect God’s glory and display His character so that when our community follows us, they follow Jesus and become His disciples.